Limited-edition book celebrates the power of creative collaboration

“Communion is to come together to remember who we truly are,” says Andile Dyalvane. The ceramic artist brings a collaborative and inclusive approach to everything he does, infusing his work and mindset with a conscious commitment to healing divisions. It’s a theme that was explored in-depth in our most recent group show, titled Communion, and in an accompanying limited-edition art book co-produced by Southern Guild and BMW South Africa.

The book takes its title from the exhibition, which brought into dialogue intensely personal work by six artists: Dyalvane, Rich Mnisi, Zizipho Poswa, Justine Mahoney, Madoda Fani and Chris Soal. Echoing the theme of community and exchange, the Communion book celebrates the partnership between BMW South Africa and Southern Guild. The two leaders in ground-breaking design have joined forces to pioneer a new kind of creative collaboration since 2018.

The book highlights “the power of together”:

“A partnership grounded on freedom and courage, in constant pursuit of innovation. Together we reach forward, propelled by those who came before. We look for the truth seekers, the healers and provocateurs. The shaman and the showman with stories ancient and new. Amid these brave voices, we find our communion.  We magnify their vision, amplify their sound. This is the way forward. Together.”

Each artist is paired with a luxury-class BMW vehicle to highlight the creative process and visual parallels between them, further evoking the idea of working together. Dyalvane is paired with the BMW X6M, Soal with the 7 Series Sedan, Mahoney with the X7, Mnisi with the i8 Roadster, Poswa with the 8 Series Gran Coupe, and Fani with the 8 Series Convertible.

Only 50 copies of the large-scale hard-cover book have been published, and will be used as gifts for BMW executives and clients. This is the latest in a series of unique collaborations between the gallery and BMW, grounded in a common commitment to forward-thinking design and creative excellence.

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