Andile Dyalvane at Leach Pottery in St. Ives, Cornwall

Andile Dyalvane, South Africa’s foremost ceramic artist, is artist-in-residence at Leach Pottery in St Ives, Cornwall, widely considered the birthplace of British studio pottery (10 May – 8 July 2019).

Leach Pottery offers four residencies a year to foster an exchange of ideas and methods between the artist and the studio’s staff and visitors. Dyalvane was invited in recognition of his open approach in sharing his knowledge and promoting cultural exchange and as an artist who works with a unique style and technique.

Dyalvane’s presence at Leach opens a window onto a fascinating juxtaposition between his African-inspired ceramics and traditional Xhosa customs on the one hand, and British studio pottery and English seaside village life on the other.

Says Libby Buckley, director of Leach Pottery:

“Dyalvane has only been here a few weeks, but in this short period of time he has brought a tangible energy and life to the Old Pottery. He approaches his work directly and has been making constantly and consistently since his arrival. He works on a somewhat larger scale than we usually see and it is interesting how Dyalvane and his works are responding to the space, and St Ives, and our many historical and contemporary narratives.

Dyalvane has a spiritual approach to making, and began his residency by performing iCamagu (ancestral blessing) in the Old Pottery to honour and introduce himself to his ancestors and those of the space. This is Dyalvane’s way of physically expressing honour, celebration and gratitude – not only to our ancestors but also to say thanks to the day, and to be mindful of the moment and our surroundings.

Dyalvane has also brought new experiences to the Old Pottery – there’s a strong connection between music and his practice, using it as a tool to fuel his creativity and trigger memories and emotions which then feed into the work. The sense of smell is important to Dyalvane too; he burns Palo Santo to cleanse the energy of the body and Pottery.”

Dyalvane’s residency includes a masterclass and a talk/demonstration, as well as an exhibition at Leach Pottery of the work made during his stay (29 June – 11 August 2019). Selected pieces will be exhibited by Southern Guild at PAD London (30 September – 6 October 2019) and in a group show, The Irrevocable Condition of Home, at Southern Guild (20 September – 13 November).

Visit Leach Pottery’s website for more information.



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