A tribute to the BMW i8 Coupe – in bronze

For Foundry Proof, a group show exploring the versatility of bronze in contemporary collectible design, BMW South Africa and Southern Guild commissioned designer Charles Haupt to create a sculptural rendition of the BMW i8 Coupe in bronze.

As one half of Bronze Age Studio with Otto du Plessis, Haupt combines modern fabrication and digitally-driven design with traditional bronze sculpture-casting. Rather than a traditional replica, Torque depicted the car emerging from an angular, faceted form as if being chiselled out of rock. From digital rendering to 3D print, it was cast in bronze – a lasting homage to BMW’s forward-thinking design and pursuit of innovation. Miniature bronze versions were also created as gifts for 55 guests invited to an exclusive preview of the exhibition.

Torque was one of 70 bronze works on display in the gallery as part of Foundry Proof. The exhibition cast a 21st-century light on the age-old material of bronze. It featured pieces by some of the country’s leading artists working in bronze, such as Dylan Lewis, Guy du Toit and Conrad Botes, as well as designers from the Southern Guild stable, including Stanislaw Trzebinski, Atang Tshikare, Madoda Fani and Jesse Ede.

“Because of its strength, bronze allows you to achieve a level of delicacy and detail far superior to other materials. I love its versatility – bronze is durable, malleable and luxurious,” said du Plessis, who co-curated the show together with Haupt and Julian McGowan, co-founder of Southern Guild.

Foundry Proof runs from 20 September 2018 to 7 February 2019.



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