Group Show

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03.12.2014 - 07.12.2014

For Design Miami 2014, Southern Guild presents pieces by 20 African designers, whose work is layered with storytelling, political allusion, historical and cultural references, and a drawing down into a primal and earth-bound essence. These impulses are expressed through sculptural and graphic forms that seem simultaneously familiar and strange.

Southern Guild at Design Miami 2014 is made possible by the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Highlights include Andile Dyalvane’s Docks Table White, inspired by the artist’s view from his studio window onto the Docks Yard of the Cape Town harbour; Porky Hefer’s Bettina Esca in leather, inspired by the scales of the deep sea Angler Fish; Welcome To My World, a life-size bronze gorilla liquor cabinet, by Bronze Age; and David Krynauw’s Haywire Black Ash chandelier, which can be manipulated to change its lighting configuration and focus.



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