08.04.2016 - 01.07.2016
Cape Town

Graphica introduces collectible design pieces recently exhibited by Southern Guild at international fairs but not yet shown in Africa. “Graphica is a visual feast of dynamic silhouettes and exquisite surface detailing,” explains Southern Guild founder Trevyn McGowan. It includes highlights such as a Wiid Design bench hand-drawn by Ceramic Matters to resemble a tattoo, the Kassena Isibheqe cabinet and writing desk by Dokter and Misses, referencing a modern-day script to unite African languages, and Madoda Fani‘s ceramic vessels decorated with armour-like patterning.

“There’s a strong African aesthetic to these works,” adds partner Julian McGowan, “and visitors can expect this to be complemented by a dramatic reworking of the gallery space.” Newly painted, moody walls and dark finishes set this scene. Says Trevyn: “Southern Guild is forging ahead with repositioning design work as investment pieces in this country. In the same way that art is collected by top buyers and museums, our South African designers are beginning to make waves, with collectors understanding the global significance of Africa and its designer-makers.”



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