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Southern Guild is proud to partner with BMW South Africa on a year-round programme of design-led projects and events paring luxury-class motoring with the best of South African art and design.

Since 2018, Southern Guild has partnered with BMW South Africa on a series of high-impact projects founded on their shared values of creative courage, excellence and innovation. This collaboration is structured around the programme of exhibitions held in the gallery and consists of four major activations a year such as a film, publication, artist commission or event.

These activations have a tangible impact, amplifying the artists’ work to a wider audience and very often resulting in material benefit to the artist, thus supporting the local arts economy in a direct way. Southern Guild’s aim with each project is to create longevity and broader exposure for its artists, while highlighting BMW’s new product releases and evolution towards electromobility.

Throughout the partnership, BMW’s support has had a significant impact and its activations are used as benchmark projects for its international parent company in Germany. Southern Guild and BMW South Africa have won three Business Arts South Africa (BASA) Awards to date – for Strategic Project and Innovation in 2019 and for Innovation again in 2022.

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Artist Commissions [9]

Publications [4]

RICH is a once-off magazine published by Southern Guild in cooperation with BMW South Africa on the occasion of Nyoka, Rich Mnisi’s solo exhibition (2 October 2021 – 4 February 2022). Printed in a limited…

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