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Justine Mahoney

04.05.17 - 30.06.17 Johannesburg

Justine Mahoney opened her first solo show with Southern Guild, at our Cape Town gallery, 14 October-18 November 2016 with Tainted, a series of 10 bronze sculptures with 10 corresponding collages. The exhibition moves to our Johannesburg gallery 4 May – 1 July 2017. Tainted presents a study of the jostling schizophrenia that exists between an apparent playful façade and a darker element which lurks beneath the surface. Justine’s fascination with fantasy, child’s play and imagination, overlaid with the sinister realities of our society, make up the overarching theme in both Tainted, and her previous series, Innocence. Each character is cast in bronze and handpainted by the artist, available as an edition of nine. The corresponding collages that appear in Tainted offer an inspired view into this world of pieced-together fantasy, with themes centered around Justine’s observations of gender, landscape, aspiration and oppression, many of which are an amalgamation of stories told to her by her stay-at-home nanny, Lizzy Maema, during her childhood.

‘As Justine’s confidence as an artist grows, her subject matter becomes more enticing and thought-provoking, reflecting South African culture in a dark mirror,’ says Southern Guild co-director Julian McGowan. ‘This exhibition takes you to a familiar but unsettling place – it is Malice in Wonderland.’

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