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Between Dusk and Dawn

Philippe Bousquet

24.03.17 - 26.05.17 Cape Town

From 24 March to 26 May, Southern Guild’s Cape Town gallery will come alive with over 100 thought-provoking sculptures and paintings by renowned French assemblage artist Philippe Bousquet. Philippe, who has lived in Johannesburg for close to 13 years, and is known for his intricately constructed jewel-like sculptures, will introduce new directions in his work, including portraiture, fine art and larger-scale structures. The solo show, titled Between Dusk and Dawn, presents the artist’s intellectual foray into the space between these two states. ‘When it’s not dark, it’s not light,’ he explains of the title that alludes to the ideas of harmony and balance, in opposition to life’s extreme constructs.

Between Dusk and Dawn invites audiences to look beyond what they would normally see, and to search for meaning within the grey areas, because, as the artist views it, ‘truth is not real, it’s an individual concept of life’. Each piece, made from found objects and waste materials, in the traditional spirit of assemblage, tells a story that is open to interpretation based on personal experience, religious views, political leanings and social commentary. ‘It’s my way of telling stories about how I see people and the world,’ Philippe says. ‘Each story has more than one side to it, and will be received differently by each person.’

Opening night: 23 March 2017, 6-9pm.


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