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Justine Mahoney

Artist Justine Mahoney creates collages and sculptures that mirror her upbringing in the 1970s in Johannesburg, where she was more aware of a sugar-coated magazine reality than the harsh political landscape just over the eight-foot wall. Her works explore the realm of childhood, a time of magic never to be revisited. Using her own memories as a source of inspiration, she alludes to both innocence and its loss, while simultaneously depicting an inner determination to move forward in the face of adversity.

Mahoney’s bronze army of soldiers represent the fears, nightmares, dreams and aspirations of children. These are based on stories told to their creator by her childhood nanny, and embellished with elements taken from the media and African sculpture.

Mahoney matriculated from the Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet, Drama and Music, and gained her National Diploma in Fine Art from the Technikon of Witwatersrand in 1991.