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Driaan Claassen

Inspired to analyse and embody nature in an eternal object, Driaan Claassen’s fractal forms can be appreciated from both near and far. Exploring the entrancing patterns found in nature, he highlights this duality with the use of geometric and organic forms, while trying to balance the aesthetic between man and nature. Nature is the most influential part of his inspiration, the basis to which he always returns, compelled to express her beauty.  Before starting to work in bronze, Claassen dabbled in drawing, photography and writing, and focused on creating photo-realistic images for 3D product visualisation.

In early 2014, Claassen began creating furniture pieces that resemble works of art. Seeing how bronze has the ability to bring a new level of attention and appreciation to mundane objects, he changed his focus. Taken under the wing of Otto du Plessis, founding member of Bronze Age Foundry, he was given a studio space from where he learnt how to cast and work in bronze. In a world where cultural trends are fleeting, Claassen aspires to create sculptures, vessels and furniture pieces that are timeless one-offs.