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Adam Birch

Adam completed a Fine Art degree in 2000 and has worked with timber in variety of ways since. An apprenticeship as a tree climber led to his own tree surgery company and a supply of rare raw material. As he worked with the difficult, often dangerous, sections of trees that needed to be removed, he saw sculptural forms emerge and he began to design and sculpt art pieces and furniture.
His fascination and experience with timber as a medium is multi-faceted. “No two pieces of wood ever share exactly the same colour, form or texture.” This is directly reflected in the patterns formed by the grain and exaggerated by his design. The natural shape of each piece informs the sculptural approach, and although the end result is refined and sophisticated, the essence of the individual tree is still present.
Adam’s functional sculptures are hewn using hand tools, and are one-off pieces that carry the spirit of the journey of discovery that formed them.